Eco-friendly & Herbal Treatment for Pest Control

We at Balaji Pest Control would like to introduce ourselves as Eco-friendly & Herbal Pest Management Company doing services in eradicating pests.

In present times at work places & Residences where we spend best part of our day completing projects, doing various tasks, it is thus very important to take care of our surroundings; environment around us. How safe, sanitized and hygienic it is?

Research conducted has shown that the major problem we face is threat from insects and pests, which carry bacteria, virus, fungus etc. We can only imagine that an insect from sewer, drains carrying bacteria can spoil your food which is also a health hazard, documents and resulting in inviting other kinds of bugs and crawling insects. Then there are Rodents, who can damage your communication systems running through cable wires, loss to your data stored in computers, and it is a Fire hazard. Termites (Deemak) or "white ants" can further damage a structure, which may appear to be all right from outside yet makes the wooden structure such as frames, cabinets, doors, windows etc. hollow from inside.

We at Balaji Pest Control, do the pest control treatment with Eco-friendly & Herbal way, which is the safest, the most clean one. The advantages are one does not have to move furniture, leave premises; there ae no smoke, no smell and even cover up food. And it is applied in areas such as office cabinets, drawers, electrical boxes, electrical appliances, under table, behind doors, or any other hideout places where pests and insects find their natural habitat. The Eco-friendly & herbal oil medicine can also be used while mopping or cleaning the floors, making it free from insects, bugs, cockroaches, dust mites etc.


Balaji Pest Control
We have been serving various businesses and residential customers in all over India, our clients are into Healthcare, Restuarants, Retail Outlets, Hotels, Hospitals, etc . 
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